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The blurb says 1 year ago
This woman is supposedly his Brothers wife., who is also a 'young horny teacher'., who is allegedly a big arsed 'English teacher'., who is also a 'red head'. But somehow she is also his step sister., who is also his Asian teen girlfriend who he is punishing by giving her a 'hard anal fuck'... and it's the first time she's done it as well - it tells us.

Who is this woman exactly? We'll never know. There's some confusion with identity here.
Lmao 1 year ago
That description tho
What? 1 year ago
This description is all over the place.
Tye 1 year ago
What a cute tight little ass. I'd pound use her as a fleshlight.
Hmmmm 1 year ago
Fucking hot! Shiny soles 'n' toes..takes Anal like a champ!
Stfu 1 year ago
With the brothers gf, my sister bs!!! Just fuck and stfu!!!! No one believes anything here.
Player 456 1 year ago
This is sad
Dan 1 year ago
I agree with you bro! She needs a way bigger dick with deeper strokes! But not much you can do with a little dick
Lol 1 year ago
Damn he’s thicccccc, look at his man ass yum
lmao 1 year ago
is she alive