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HoraceRider 7 years ago
Wish I could understand French. Just watching her mouth when she talks gives me an enormous boner.
Loise 3 years ago
On a school trip I let a French boy finger me for my first time and later he licked me and so did his sister. That night he fucked both of us and cum in us too. They later told me he had been fucking her for a year. At that time his sister and I were just fourteen and I found it easy to get his cock inside. A month later a man with a very fat cock paid me 300 Euro to 'take my virginity'. I pretended it was hurting me but all of him went in me easily
Karim 6 years ago
Guys, i can translate if you want it...
The girl is very embarrassed, very shy, i think that is her first video. She don't know how to play with camera.
Jacque de wieneire 6 years ago
She's pretty cute and a decent body but that pussy was from a horror movie and not just cuz of the pubs, and to that one dude, who brags about fucking a thirteen year old girl that's fucked up even by porn standards
Alias 2 years ago
French cant even fuck right!
Mmmm 1 year ago
That's nice I'd cum inside her everyday
asshole 7 years ago
she's a dumbass
bigbonerjames 6 years ago
ye spider fags like you said
1 month ago
Certainly punishes her hairy box
Rob 1 month ago
3:14 omg! That’s a gorgeous swollen, big ,pussy! I’d be on my hands and knees smelling and eating her out! Just like him,animal instincts! Fuck that’s a hot pussy!