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2 years ago
I’m doing this to my neighbor’s wife. We met when I was 24 she was 42 years old. She was surprised by my girthy pole for a youngster. Although not too long (6.5inches) she enjoy me filling her up. I enjoyed putting her in doggy and slamming myself in her hard and rough making sure my balls slap her outter pussy walls. Anal is awesome!! She enjoys me stretching her anal walls out. She confessed once that her hubby was shocked how easily she took him in backdoor not knowing I’ve beenstretching out
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Josh 2 years ago
That one lucky mother fucker to be married to some good goddamn ass like that. Just beautiful! Happy for ya cuz
BDT 2 years ago
Wow, she’s excellent. I think I would’ve had to go in that ass a little sooner, though. Great work.
Anon 2 years ago
I’d nut in that ass 4 times a day if she was mine.
2 years ago
She needs a better partner.
Huh? 2 years ago
Isnt that recipe for UTI?
Dontae 2 years ago
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